Laura Sion ©2014

Laura Sion ©2014

Laura Sion is an English Up and Coming Artist! She was born in Manchester England in 1970 , where she discovered the love of art and studied it from an early age. In 1989 with her family she moved to London where she attended a 1year Foundation course at “Heatherly School of Fine Art “in Chelsea. Then went on to take an HND in Graphic Design in Richmond at “Richmond Upon Thames College”. However her true passion lies in painting , using mixed medium !

In 1992 She married and moved to Caracas Venezuela. There she attended art classes at Federico Brant College while promoting her art .

In 2001 Laura relocated with her Husband and kids to Florida . Her work has been exhibited at some local restaurants, art shops and galleries. In 2007 she had an exhibition in Wynwood Art district with a group of international artists, for Diego Victoria fine art & Elite Art Editions. She has also had other exhibitions with fellow artists . She has also donated her works to Wizo, Fundana, Na’amat and other great causes.

By December 2008 Laura had a painting exhibited at the “Historical Society of Washington D.C.” for the International Holiday Traditions Exhibit. In the year 2014 she was showing her work at G&S Alternative Space Gallery for 9 months, where she also had exhibitions with fellow artists. Laura has been part of Art 9 since 2008 where she has grown and learnt a lot with her teacher and mentor Carlos Augusto Pereira.

Laura’s unique style is full of life, color and movement ! She says that she wants her art to dance off the canvas and into the hearts of people!