I will be showcasing  my work at Spectrum Miami 2014 Booth 315    



Laura Sion @ Spectrum Art Fair  2014

December 3-7 | 2014
Midtown Miami


Good luck  Elephant, by Laura Sion

My Artwork was inspired by how the actual Elephant is hand painted in India, as is their culture to do so! I feel it shows their true nature! Even though they appear big, over powering, and their skin has a rough texture, I feel that their true nature is that of a gentle one ! Hence the delicate flowers and Symbols which are painted on their skin.

They are beautiful ,majestic creatures. I feel that through my art work I evoke that feeling in them! My Elephant appears vulnerable, and beautiful and at the same time strong and gentle! One does not notice the rough skin anymore, instead it had been transformed into a work of art! I have used Oils to achieve the rich colors and the crystals symbolize how precious these animals are and should not be killed for their tusks! My elephant is a “Diamond in the rough!”

Thursday, Dec. 4th / 1pm-9pm
Friday, Dec. 5th / 1pm-9pm
Saturday, Dec. 6th / 1pm-9pm
Sunday, Dec. 7th / 12pm-6pm

Show Address
3011 NE 1st Avenue at NE 30th St
Miami, FL 33137